5 Reasons Why Size Does NOT Matter!!

Sex is about a lot of things working coherently together to give you an earth shattering experience. Sex when done correctly, gives a lot of satisfaction and leads to release of hormones that make you feel happy, loved and empowered all at the same time. If you are not having enough sex, you are missing out a lot in life we believe. There also have been a lot of stigmas associated with sex. People tend to think a lot over issues such as virginity and size, and such issues often tend to be the topics of discussions among many circles. However, there are a few topics centred about sex and relationships which are known to cause anxiety and stress in minds of people, and one of them is about the ‘Size’.

It is not known when or where the concerns about the size of a man originated, but it is a discussion amongst many circles, no one can deny that. However, because of the extreme focus of popular literature, TV and movies, the realization of one’s size is something which everyone has these days. Many people tend to feel insecure because they feel that they aren’t big enough, and hence harbour an inferiority complex, which is often detrimental to their confidence. Therefore, in the benefit of our readers, we bring out to you Five Reasons Why Size Does Not Matter.

1. Because Sex Is Not Between Your Legs But Between Your Ears

Yes you heard it right, sex is not between your legs, but between your ears. Its not what inside your pants that can do magic, but what’s inside your head. Sex is not just about penetration. If you thought about it like that, or you have been taught to think about it like that, you could not be more wrong. Its not just penetration that counts, but the entire act. Foreplay is as important as the actual penetration. You need to say things that can make her go weak in her knees. Its not just your physical touch that matters, but every word uttered in a sensual manner, like a gentle whisper telling her of the things to come can do the job equally well. If she is more turned on, more lubricated and more willing to have sex, naturally you will have a memorable experience. On the other hand, if you just try to jam your organ up into hers, no wonder how long it is, she is going to end up resenting going to bed with you. Moral of the story- Don’t be a Cockjammer, no longer what the size you have. And we have come to this conclusion after speaking to hundreds of women and having done surveys on this topic.


2. Because Its Not The Length Of The Tool That Matters But The Girth

When it comes to a man’s organ, the length of the tool is immaterial. You need to have a few inches, and that’s it. Although, the legend of Mandingo is very popular and very appealing, the truth is, not many women are able to take that size of a penis. You need to have a required size, that is true, but that size is nowhere near to eight inches as you have been told by your friends. The global average size of penis is five and a half inches, and that’s about it. A very long penis can hurt your woman, as we will be explaining further in another point. However, its the girth that matters. Having a thick penis inside always makes a woman feel more full, and makes her enjoy sex more. Its the girth which makes her feel stretched and more stimulated in the clitoral area. Hence, your focus should be at using your girth to make your woman feel full and satisfied, and not penetrate her like a bullet that stabs her cervix.


3. Because Its The Motion That Does The Job And Not The Depth

Lets say you have a long penis, some eight inches, but does that guarantee you will be able to satisfy your woman? The answer is No. You need to be able to know what you need to do with your tool. Having a long penis simply means you will be able to get deeper into her vagina, which is anyways a woman’s birth canal. The real center of stimulation lies at the clitoris, and hence your motion to stimulate the clitoris is what matters more than the actual thrusting. You need to have your woman all wet, lubricated and wanting to be entered. Any apprehensions on her part needs you to relax and wait else it might not be a pleasing experience for her. You can browse the kamasutra to look for positions which can make you explore new realms of pleasure. We interviewed many escorts to find out the truth about penis size and pleasure.

4. Because Hitting The Cervix Is Not A Goldmine

Cervix is the opening to a woman’s uterus. Its something which protects the womb, and it marks the end of the vaginal birth canal. If you have a very long penis, chances are you will be hitting the cervix of your partner. Now, hitting the cervix is not something enjoyable for women as you might have been made to believe. Some women even have gone as far as to say that it is the equivalent of a man being hit in the nuts. Hence, length once again betrays you. What you need to do is to find the right position, whichever works for both of you. This might include taking into consideration your length, her depth, location of her g-spot if it is known, and some experimentation to find out a position which works well for you both.

5. Because Its The Clitoris That Is The Center Of The Action

If you had thought that its the woman’s vagina that is the centre of all pleasure, you could not have been more wrong. The vagina being the site of penetration, also serves as the birth canal and hence beyond a couple of inches, is not much sensitive else it might have been too painful for humans to give birth. Also, if you believe that a woman needs to climax only with penetration, you could not have been more wrong. You need to penetrate only for as long as you have to do. You need to supplement it with intimacy, cuddling and clitoral stimulation. Hint: Be good with your tongue. Also, many women need clitoral stimulation with penetration in order to climax. So much for size that you all have been told about.



It is very important that our readers feel confident and empowered when approaching their partners and having a pleasurable time together. Insecurities such as size need to be made into myths as soon as possible for the twenty first century man to enjoy sex without any insecurities.

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